EEA Ethereum Training Quality WG - Public Roadmap

Our roadmap is where you can learn about what items the EthTQ WG is working on and when we expect to bring them to you.

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Phase 1 | 2022

Resource Repository | Q3 2022

EEA Ethereum Curriculum Content Framework - Part 1 | Q2-Q4 2022

The first part of the framework provides guidance for developing training courses geared towards growth-focused learners and professionals at the beginning of their Web3 career. The primary goals of those individuals is to understand how Blockchain and particularly Ethereum Technology is becoming a key innovation driver and can help address business challenges for companies of all sizes, across different industries.

Phase 2 | 2023

EEA Ethereum Learning Objectives - Matrix Mapping | Q1-Q2 2023

Mapping of knowledge domains and knowledge topics for key learners personas, starting with “Beginner - Business”.