Our Focus

The EEA Interoperability Testing Working Group's goal is to maintain short-term testnets (generally Enterprise Ethereum Permissioned Blockchains) and relevant associated tooling for the purposes of testing conformance and allowing EEA members to experiment.


The EEA testnet is available to EEA Members

How to Contribute

For information on how to join the group, see contact below:


The Working Group welcomes contributions to its documentation, contracts and other code for deployment, or members who would like to operate their own nodes on the testnets.


Contact Us

Non-EEA Members:

If you are interested in the work of the EEA Interoperability Testing WG and would like to contribute, please contact james.harsh@entethalliance.org.

EEA Members:

Please contact the EEA Secretariat or your EEA Member Council representative.