Our Focus

The EEA Authority to Operate Working Group is dedicated to describing how an Ethereum or Ethereum-based blockchain can achieve "Authority to Operate" from US government organisations, who generally require compliance with a range of standards published by NIST.

The Working Group is focused on analyzing potential gaps in compliance of Ethereum solutions, and determining a pathway for development, or agreement, to enable Ethereum solutions to achieve the necessary certification. The working group is responsible for developing technical standards to meet this challenge. Its work includes: a) creating a conceptual framework that enables sound reasoning about this topic, b) identifying salient technical and security challenges that inform the design space, and c) defining any necessary architecture and associated specifications to enable standardization and broad adoption.

How to Contribute

For information on how to join the group, see Contact Us below:

Specifications & Guidelines Development

The working group collaborates to develop an analysis of current specifications. This work will inform any necessary future work on specifications, and discussions with relevant customers and others who can grant "Authority to Operate". You can contribute by joining and getting involved in our bi-weekly calls and by writing, reviewing and providing feedback on draft documents.


Contact Us

If you are interested in the work of the EEA Authority to Operate WG and would like to contribute, or if you have questions for the Working Group.

Non-EEA Members:

please contact: james.harsh@entethalliance.org

EEA Members:

Please contact the EEA Secretariat or your EEA Member Council representative.